we are inland oceans.

Inland Oceans is a land-based, sustainable farm committed to bringing not only the highest quality product to the market but providing the safest, best tasting, best-for-you seafood. Consider us an ever evolving, high-tech experiment in productivity, quality, and sustainability. One that is aimed at solving environmental challenges and supply chain constraints all while never wavering on our commitment to quality and flavor.

seafood for a healthy planet


Taste is a cornerstone of our brand, it’s why people remember their very first bite of inland oceans’ shrimp, an experience that awakens the senses with its depth and rich flavors.


Our oceans are our future. We are passionate about creating a solution that meets the shrimp demands of today without compromising the ability of future generations to enjoy the same shrimp and more.


The quality of our shrimp is unparalleled, our process is flawless, and the preservation so precise it’s almost unnoticed.

our promise

Whether you are a chef at a 5-star restaurant or a family of four, our commitment to you remains the same: to provide locally grown, healthy alternatives without sacrificing quality or flavor. And, to do this in a way that is good for everyone - the farmers, the consumers, and the environment.